Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Second Life Implementation- Induction Session

We had the first successful session in teaching a small group on how to create their avatar. For organization to successfully implement and introduce Second Life, we need to have like an induction program. Mainly because not many people knows about Second Life and also not sure how to use it, get connected, etc so an induction session is required.

Session 1 was how to get connected- mainly, how to download the software from, then creating and account followed by how to log in. Once you are in, they will need to know how to navigate, how to do things, etc. What we did was to have a workshop to give them a hands on session- play around with their avatar- some basics, how to fly and get around, how to sit and do some gestures, etc.

Session 2 was getting the people in from their own offices, or wherever they are. This was simply a test of performance- whether the network was able to handle a small group. But of course we made it fun for them- they were required to change or modify their avatars.

Session 3 which is to come is the first group learning session. This has yet to happen but awaiting eagerly for the session.

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