Friday, March 14, 2008

Creating eLearning Courses

Ok, now the fun part. How to create an elearning course.

Today we have a lot of tools that can help us build an elearning course. Some charges and some comes free. What is important is always about content of the course. Always have in mind that when they take the course, you will not be around to explain it to them. Like I said earlier, elearning content can be delivered in many different ways. For example, I received an email from a friend how to do a certain task with Outlook. I cut and pasted the instructions to Powerpoint and then did screen capture of the method to help learners see the process visually. Now with new Powerpoint add on applications like Articulate (which is a licensed software) and others, which I m sure you can find or refer to Zaid's website archive for interesting free softwares, that allows you to add voice into the application.

Sometimes, you can create a comic-book type of dialogues as well. With elearning, you have the freedom and the new available technologies to deliver what seems to be a dull lecture way to deliver content to a more creative, interesting way to deliver the content. The only limiting factor I suppose would be yourself.

In one session, Zaid himself shared that he recorded one session of a professor (if I can remember correctly), just the voice and then he added a powerpoint presentation of the talk which I thought was brilliant and at no extra cost.

You can also video if you can capture a simple video clip of the content- think youtube.

Other ideas which I have not yet tested but one day MUST try are like animations like cartoons, music- would be cool to use music to teach as well.


Zaid Ali Alsagoff said...

Hi Chris!

Here is the link to the presentation I think you were referring to:

By the way, I have left UNITAR and joined INCEIF as an e-Learning Manager :)

I really enjoy reading your blog :)

Hmmm, I will start blogging again soon if I find time :)

Keep in touch!

Warm Regards,


Christopher Chew said...

Actually, you have more stuffs than Breeze :) Thanks for your kind words. I m still using blog like my journal of my journey. Got so many things I would like to add but have to find the time to write it down.

Patricia said...

I create my courses with iSpring Ultra. And what authoring tool do you use?

Christopher Chew said...

I currently use Articulate Presenter, Quizmaker and Engage to create my courses but I am also starting to use Adobe Captivate as well. I think there are a lot more tools out there which are also free and great to use.