Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Creating eLearning Course- the FUN way

To create a really good elearning course, it will have to engage the learners in a whole new way of learning. Think out of the box. Use unconventional methods- as long as they learn. Think about it, people are glued to the TV for long hours because they are so engrossed with the program. Kids are stuck to the computer games, comics, etc. We can use this same media to teach, train and learn ourselves.

Jokes, video clips, even songs can be used to teach. With elearning, it gives you the flexibility and the power of media. Wouldn't you rather be playing a game or watching a movie than being stuck in a training room with a long winded trainer who seems to go on and on?

I am not actually fond of using quiz to test whether people understand because I find it boring and usually I find people giving me the quiz questions are really ridiculous- you can close your eyes and answer the question without much thought process. It's takes a very long time to create a very good question. A good question does not give away the answer, it makes us think about the correct answer.

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