Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Designing Training Programs: More about Adult Learning

I am putting down in my blog what I learnt in my 10 years as a trainer. I have delivered courses in classroom, created web based courses, coached via face to face, email and other means. Now I believe I have acquired new ideas and skills that will enhance the way I deliver training programs. But what I put down here is not something that is perfect and I know if I put it down here and there are people who can comment, I will learn more.

To kick off the designing stage, you need to view back a couple of slides I added in my blog on which I think you need to have a good grasp of. You cannot teach if you don't know how to learn- that is what I find that is a fundamental requirement of any good trainer.
I am adding a new one which is something you need to also take into consideration when designing programs. This slide, Bloom's Taxanomy talks about the different levels of learning and was uploaded by mrjportman in slideshare.

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