Monday, February 11, 2008

Instructional Design: How do Adults Learn

At first I thought I had to write a lot about designing a training program but I realised some of these are already available in the internet... the things I learn. To begin designing a training program, first thing you need to know is how people learn or in this case how adults learn. The basic principle of learning for an adult is that you cannot control what they learn- the adult themselves decide what, when and how they want to learn. Choice is the basic element trainers can never control, only influence. Standing in front of a crowd and giving a lecture works in the universities because students want to score in the subject, however the situation changes in the workplace- unless you can guarantee them a promotion or a big pay rise after completing the course- they can decide NOT to listen to you. Adults have a choice- doesn't mean the boss says go get training, meaning they will learn- they can decide to take a holiday and escape from work.

This slide explains the basic principle of adult learning:

I hope you will learn about how adults learn from this. What is the motivation? Because you want to be a better trainer or a better designer. Whether you want to be or not is up to you- the learner.

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