Monday, January 14, 2008

A brand new year, a brand new challenge and a brand new goal

New Year Resolutions
"I resolute never to make any more resolutions until my last year's resolution has been firmly resoluted"

This is a joke that started when someone asked me about my new year's resolution. This year started with a lot hopes and a lot of anxiety about accomplishing those hopes. But the road has been set, marked and penned down. I shared with my team what I am aiming for and how I intend to propel my company's elearning initiative into the 21st century. Bold words and bold promises. Anyway, here I go- ready or not.

Although we had already an eLearning implemented with all the softwares needed and servers. It was time to relook at what we had and to see where we want to. It's also important to know how your learners in the company learn and whether they are ready (or not) and whether the environment was pulling or pushing your plans. If it is pulling then you need to know what is pulling you down and if pushing- you need to know where and how to apply the brakes otherwise we will free fall in our attempt. My plans had 3 phase-
  1. Rebuild
  2. Rebrand
  3. Relaunch
Rebuilding was a phase where I needed to make sure my hardware and software was able to handle what I wanted it to do. Basically I looked at my servers and found I needed more servers to adapt to the usage and traffic.

Rebrand was the next phase to see the LMS (Learning Management Systems) was going to do what I needed it to do in the over all plan and what other systems I needed to integrate and how I plan to do it. Basically I needed to rip the LMS apart and rebuilt it to fit our requirements.

Relaunch is to tell the whole corporate world that we have something new and more things to come. It is to create awareness, create excitement and create a reason why they still need me around (haha, like that is going to change anything)

And in the midst of the change, I plan to introduce ebooks, blogging, wiki, podcasting and video-log to the company collaboration learning initiatives. Basically I keep telling myself I am digging my grave with 2 shovels. But hey, I get there faster- optimistically.

So the plans are set, the road has been planned and now I start the engines but I need to attend training first with Stephen Downes in JW Marriott about eLearning 2.0. more to come soon... I hope.

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