Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to Basics

What is eLearning?
The hype, the commotion. What is it? Can I not jump onboard although everyone has? I just don't believe it is effective. It's for techies not for managers like me. I have no time for elearning, just send me to a classroom.

Before I go into the excuses I get when I say "hey, let's do this via e..." I just want to write what I know about elearning. Elearning is basically another method of delivering a learning content via electronic means. What I find commonly people (in my company) perceive about elearning is a 3 hour web based course which is true but I always explain that it is one of the elearning delivery. So sending an email to a colleague is one example of elearning from a form of coaching. Or if you clicked on elearning link and it opens a wikipedia about elearning and you learnt something from there is also another form of elearning. Just something you wrote and published either via pdf format or blogging (like this one) is elearning as long as it contains a learning object and someone out there who learns.

The method delivery is not as important as it was initiated via electronic means and it is available for someone to access it at anytime they require that knowledge or information. That is elearning to me.

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