Monday, June 11, 2012

CLO as a Moviemaker article

I was reading this article and the author mentioned about e-learning to be made like the movies which is really a good idea. Let's face it, if I asked you to go do an e-learning course- it is as exciting as going to see the dentist but if I asked you to watch the latest movie, you might even buy me popcorn with a drink. E-learning doesn't have to be done like a page turner type of learning via software, it can be engaging like games or movies. It's all boils down to design. I recently attended webinar organized by Zaid, the speaker was engaging his participants by use of everyday stuff like books and stuff toys, he even pulled out a lightsaber to keep the audience thinking what will he pull out next. That kept our attention going, it was fun learning. That's how e-learning should be designed- with fun. Click here to read the article

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