Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Classroom learning, eLearning, mLearning- so what?

When people say the word training, what pops into your head? Some will say lectures, classroom, team building, management & leadership classroom courses. Maybe you would have heard elearning, mlearning- this would have been about for a while now. Some say elearning is dead, some say it's alive and well and growing. Then there is blended learning, blogging, wiki, podcasting, virtual classroom, social networking i.e. FB, Twitter, virtual worlds, gamification, etc. The world is getting more interesting for us that we can learn more than ever before. Some are free, some costs thousands for a degree- some dying by degrees. Recently a friend texted me while she was attend the National Achievers Congress and Robert Kiyosaki was speaking and I learnt a new term- PHD is short for Poor Helpless and Desperate. Having read a few of his books, I know what he meant. And so I am learning, sitting down in Starbucks writing this blog- trying to prepare a proposal for a new project I am embarking on and I learn what the new PHD meant- that is if I had kept on working as an employed person. I am a learner- first and foremost, I am a learner. Whichever way the information is sent to me, via mobile phone, whether I search for materials with my iPad or listen to podcast or attend a webinar with my notebook or even attend a classroom face to face- I am learning from all this. So classroom learning, one to one mentoring, coaching, webinar, seminar, computer based training courses, web based elearning courses, podcast, blogging, wikis, mobile phone, free apps, etc- so what? I am learning.

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