Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Returning to Blog

It's been a while since I have blogged but yet I have learnt so much these past few months and learning more still. Past few months we were looking at LMS and whether we should upgrade or buy a new LMS. I am learning that more LMS are trying to integrate social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, etc in its product features. It would be interesting to see how this changes learning initiatives in the company. For instance, 15 years ago when your supervisor were to say you are going for training, it would mean sending you to a classroom. While today, if the supervisor asks the same question- it may not be in the classroom or you can say "I have learnt how to dismantle an iPhone and change battery from YouTube".

Training materials no longer comes in thick boring manuals that takes you ages to flip through the first chapter- today, you can have illustrations from CD Roms, podcast and so on. I might be thinking of placing a camera in every training room and record them and store the recordings somewhere where I can manage it and distribute it to more potential learners out there (although I don't think I can record some of the paid trainers) maybe in a form of mp4 or avi. Then you can search for relevant information and find what you need now and learn it faster.

The only real competitive edge is having a workforce who can learn, adapt and innovate faster than your competitors- I learnt that from reading "the Fifth Discipline" by Peter Senge- a really good and insightful book. But it took me a long time to read it, a lot of things to ponder.

So blogging world- I am back!

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