Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Flying Around in Second Life

Yeah, I have registered and got online into Second Life which was why I did not blog for a while. I downloaded the software and created my account. My avatar however does not look like me which is a plus point, you have the freedom to choose what you can look like, afterall it is like your second life or virtual life.

You are then transported into a virtual land and there are already people there so I just browsed around to see what I can do and I discover I can actually fly... for those Second Lifers, they will go like... "big deal". Yes, you can fly in Second Life. You are literally Superman or Supergirl. You fall and cannot die, you can go under water and can hold your breath for a very long time.

It's more like a 3D version of chat rooms. You can meet up with people there, you can read whatever they post, see what they create. My company already bought a land there and off I went to see our new island. Currently there is nothing there but an island, a building with 3 floors which we asked the developers to create like our current training facilities then a bird hovering in a circle above the place. So far nothing interesting yet. So comes the natural issue- no content yet and no events that are planned.

So hopefully we can get something done by then...

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