Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back to work, post training

After Stephen Downes training on Web 2.0, I suddenly realised that there so much more fun stuffs out there. It did help get started on this blogsite and see what more I can do with the blog.

I think what Byran session showed me what was Web 2.0, Stephen session was a hands on workshop. Suddenly I went back with a whole bags of new toys to play with. Coming back to work instead of the usual training was fun and training was this and that, it was "Wow, where do I begin?".

Technology is catching up with ease of use and today we can make a simple video with a handphone or video capturing device and then wala! it's on the net. It can repackaged as a reuseable content and then developed into a learning content. Check out this new site called Neulio. Looks cool with video content and it's tagline: what do you want to learn today? That's where learning to going today, not "how do I want to develop myself this year?" people can learn on the daily basis.

The power of your development is in your hands and not in your boss' hands or the training department. You decide your development career.

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